2 monumental events were not supposed to happen. The United Kingdom was never expected to vote to leave the European Union. In fact several days before the vote, a vibrant and popular politician supporting the remain campaign was murdered in cold blood during the day time for her views. But the will of the British people still voted leave.

5 months later, the controversial Donald Trump completed an unbelievable against the odds victory to claim the presidency of the United States despite a number of incidents that in any other political race would have been political death.

Is their a prophetic parallel emerging that maybe you hadn't considered? Did Ezekiel see this coming?

Whether you are democrat, republican or neutral, I know you are probably shocked by what happened last month. The media is scratching its head and asking how can a man who alienated much of the Hispanic vote, who was caught making some significantly distasteful statements about women (albeit many years ago) and with no political experience, now be the president-elect.

Just like the Brexit campaign, on the day of the US presidential vote all national polls had the underdog trump significantly down and with very little chance of victory. Yet when the votes started coming in, after the first 2 hours there was a sense that something unbelievable was materializing.

Donald Trump is an enigma. Some argue like Jack Van Impe that he is a man of God sent to bring America back to its Christian heritage even if he himself doesn't necessarily practice Christianity. His support for Christianity being more influential in the Supreme Court and House of Representatives, his stance against abortion, support for Israel and a view of militant radical Islam as an attack on the ideals of Western life would be enough to get him onto the podium of most Baptist or Evangelical churches.

His choice of Mike Pence as Deputy is clearly Trumps recognition of the strength of having someone backing him who is a solid born again believer.

Yet others argue about his morality and view of women, his brash depiction and view on specific ethnic minorities,  a purported unwillingness to denounce the Klu Klax Klan and a willingness to rewrite American foreign policy by possibly seeking friendship with Russia.

However there is another perspective that needs mentioning. Is there any significance to the fact that both the United Kingdom and the United States made political decisions which somehow could rope mother (Britian) and daughter (America) back together in a much closer relationship then previous decades.

Since the 1970s and the entry of the United Kingdom into the European Common Market the Anglo American alliance which was the bedrock of World War I and World War II, and which helped to facilitate the birth of Israel as a nation, had come under increasing changes as the tentacles of the European Union suffocated the ability for the UK to pursue its own historic trading relationship with the United States.

In April 2016 with the Leave Campaign using all means necessary to influence the British people to completely slash their way out of the mire of the European Union and the control of both Brussels and its silent partner, the Vatican, President Obama turned up on UK soil and made statements which immediately opened up a political storm in the United Kingdom.

It had been known that presidents and prime ministers never voice public opinions about national elections preferring to let democratic countries choose their own path. Yet Obama made some emphatic statements which some believe fuelled more people to go against the establishment.

But even the intervention of Barack Obama in both the Brexit debate and the significant energy of his and the First Lady Michelle Obama's involvement in driving support for Hillary Clinton was not enough to turn the tide of opinion.

One of the amazing things about how Gods prophetic word works is that sometimes the jigsaw puzzle doesn't become fully solvable until after a piece of the prophetic puzzle has already taken place. Many believed that Brexit and a Trump presidency was impossible, yet after both events coming to pass bible prophecy experts are now scrambling to understand the significance.

Political analysts are claiming that one of the significant dangers of a Trump presidency is that he is a protectionist, one who puts America first and is less concerned about America playing a dominant role on the world stage. They point out that Trump has hinted about fundamental changes to NATO which ultimately could facilitate the rise of a European Army if American military support for Europe begins to wane or is even withdrawn.

Analysts have also warned of the UK becoming isolated once the European Union super power bloc imposes financial penalties on UK trade with the EU after the UK leaves the European Union. This is one of the reasons why Sterling is at an all time low because of the uncertainty around how the UK will cope when the Beast of Brussels starts to hit the UK hard.

Did the prophet Ezekiel see this happening? There is a specific prophecy which seems to indicate in the last days there will be a prominent confederation of nations who would be speaking politically from a position of weakness. They seem to lack the will and strength to confront a mighty coalition of nations which threatens the existence of Israel.

This group it has been proven includes Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Will Brexit and a Trump presidency hasten one of the most incredible prophecies found in the old testament about the end times? Will the political decisions made by the British and American people set the stage for American relinquishing its role as the world policeman and instead focus its efforts inwardly? Will the UK undergo dramatic economic demise in wake of its exit from the newly emerging super power of a United States of Europe?

Why are most bible prophecy experts not even aware of the true significance of these astonishing political turns by both the mother country and its colony?

Find out now in "Trump, Brexit and Ezekiel."

Trump, Brexit and Ezekiel 38 contains information about these recent political events that the mainstream media has no clue about because it requires insight into what was disclosed to a Hebrew prophet over 2500 years ago.

This audio CD documentary contains over 10 hours of debate and prophetic insight on Brexit, Trumps presidential win and the prophecy of Ezekiel.

  • What is the protectionism that so many political experts keep talking about and how would this impact America's role on the world stage?

  • What is the coincidence behind both Britain and her daughter colony America both making significant decisions that will lead to isolation on the world stage?

  • What are the parallels between Donald Trump and King Cyrus the Great in the old testament?

  • Is World War III that much closer because of Donald Trump?

  • Is Donald Trump an enigma who is opposed to the new world order?

  • What is the significance of Donald Trumps pivotal and strong support for the nation of Israel?

  • Is Donald Trump a spanner in the way of the formation of the North American Union?

  • Why is the future bleak for the United Kingdom according to the prophecies of Ezekiel and Daniel?

  • Who were the notable Christians who put their reputation on the life by claiming that God had prophesied that Trump would win the election?

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